1.His First Interview Was With Sonia Gandhi

arnab goswami debate

 Arnab’s first interview was with Congress leader Sonia Gandhi. He even interviewed and debated Pervez Musharraf (Pakistani Ex-president, Ex-army chief) during a news hour debate. From 1996 to 2006, Goswami also reported on NDTV., and in 2006 Goswami got a massive offer from times now news channel as editor-in-chief, then he left NDTV and join Times News as editor-in-chief.

2.He Hails From A Political Family:

arnab goswami family

Arnab’s father, Manoranjan Goswami, is a retired Indian officer and a BJP member. He contested as a BJP candidate within the election from Guwahati. His paternal grandfather, Rajani Kanta Goswami, was a lawyer and Congress leader. And his maternal grandfather, GauriSankar Bhattacharya, was a communist and the opposition leader for several years in Assam.

3.kidnapping Of Arnab:

kidnapping of arnab goswami

Arnab was a young journalist working for NDTV 24×7 in 1995. He was assigned to hide the 11th Bihar lawmakers election. Along with his team, Arnab was traveling to different places in Bihar and interviewing election candidates. One fateful day, Arnab was to Interview Pappu Yadav(a politician with an extended criminal history), who was contesting the election from Purnia. After the interview was over,

 Arnab was on the brink of leave when the henchmen of Pappu Yadav stopped him. They told Arnab that he couldn’t leave unless he was permitted to by Pappu Yadav himself. In step with Arnab, he realized there was a moment Pappu Yadav had seized him. Subsequently, Arnab had to travel with Pappu Yadav for two straight days to his election meetings. In every meeting(more like a small khat sabhas from village to village), Pappu Yadav would point at Arnab and proudly exclaim to the villagers, “Look at this boy. He is from BBC. Even they’re saying that now Pappu Yadav goes to win from Purnia.”

4.He Has 'Y' Category Security:

arnab goswami security

Goswami gets protection because of his comment on Times Now. Because of that, he got threats from Pakistan-based terrorist groups. Arnab’s ‘Y’ security includes round-the-clock protection from around 11 personnel and one or two armed commandos for proximity protection. Other media Persons received good protection. Apart from Arnab Goswami, Zee News Sudhir Chaudhary got X category and Umesh Kumar from Samachar’ Y’ category ‘Z Plus’ category to Ashwini Kumar Chopra.

5. Arnab's Most Famous Phrase:

nation wants to know

“The nation wants to know” Arnab Goswami’s punchline is well-known among viewers. And this punchline become part of our Indian culture. But Arnab failed to invent this line; ironically, it was an officer who mocked Arnab by using this line which Arnab retained in his memory. When the 2G scam, among other scandals, was beginning within the media, Arnab was the one cooking up a storm each evening in his newsroom by bashing and shaming politicians. During this point, Arnab was attending a marriage ceremony in Delhi. Many politicians also were a part of the guest list. On seeing Arnab, one of the politicians asked him sarcastically, “What does the state want to understand today?” Rest is a component of history(or, to be specific popular culture 🙂 )

6.His Wife is Additionally A Journalist:

arnab goswami wife

Samyabrata Ray Goswami, the wife of Arnab, is additionally a journalist and news producer who is currently the co-owner of Arnab’s channel. She began her career as a medium journalist and has worked in several publications, like Anand Bazaar Patrika, Tehelka, and right down to Earth. She worked with ABP till Arnab launched Republic TV. She is additionally known for breaking the news of Sheena Bora being the daughter of Indrani Mukerjea and not her sister.


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