1.Invention Of This Cute Creator:

quokka invention

Much of the world’s quokka population lives on an island near Western Australia. In 1696, a Dutch captain traveled to it and dubbed it Rottnest (Rat’s Nest) Island; he mistakenly took this quokka as a giant rat. Quokkas often gather in large numbers on Rottnest Island, where up to 12,000 of them live out of a total population of less than 14,000 in the wild.

2. Defense Mechanism Of Quokka

quokka defence

Feeling like a bad parent, so this is for you. Quokkas put their young joey into her pouch. When they feel under attack by any animal. The mother will throw their joey from the pouch. As they out of their mother’s pocket, they start crying and making noises that will attract the predators towards them. In this process, the mother will escape strange thoughts but true, and that’s how they will save themselves.

3.Quokka Selfie With Celebrities

quokka with celebrities

As you have seen celebrities taking selfies and doing photoshoots but do you know that 72 people visited the hospital because of our cute little friend who attacked them. All those injuries occur while feeding or petting the quokka. And fortunately, they all got healed.

 A tourist shared his story about how she got attacked by quokka:

 one sunny day, journalist Kenneth was riding her bicycle on a dirt road as she came across our little friend. She tried to get past him by giving him some biscuits and a slice of apple, but he rejected it. She gave him a crumb of gorgonzola cheese which he ate and fell down in a dead faint. As she realized that quokka got poisoned and in the process of saving him, she put the quokka into his backpack, leaving some zip for air. And she started paddling in search of a clinic to keep our little creature. After some time, the quokka begun getting back to his senses and began to come outside the backpack. The quokka grabbed his neck and began shrieking in his ear. The bike kept going. The shrieking quokka sank its teeth into her earlobe and hung there, dead weight, like a giant, furry earring. She didn’t handle this and fell into the ocean, .and our little friend was standing on the shore seeing his victim. And most victims were children. So next time, whenever you want to take a selfie, just be careful you don’t wanna get hospitalized, right. 

4.Various Food Options:

quokka food

Quokka likes various foods. Seeds, grass, leaves, and roots are among the foods they eat. However, they do not chew their food; instead, they rip vegetation from the ground, stuff it into their mouths, and swallow. This isn’t a healthy way to break down food, and it’s also not a good way to remove nutrients from it. Quokkas have invented a creative solution to this problem: they simply repeat their food and eat it again. Their digestive systems can help absorb the essential nutrients they regurgitate because it is more refined the second time around. They feed in the same way as their relatives, such as kangaroos, Cows, ships, and goats. And They only drink a small amount of water. Despite their preference for living near a body of water, these species rarely drink. This is because they can receive most of the water they need from the plants they eat.

5.Fitness Fanatic:

quokka jumping

Do you know that quokka is totally the opposite of panda polar because pandas are determined to remove their own species from the face of the earth, but quokka is a survivor, and he is always ready to do anything to stick around on land. Let’s take a small example: pandas spend a minimum of 10 to 16 hours eating .why? Because pandas’ 90% diet is bamboo which has nutritional content. On the other hand, Quokka manages their time for eating, sleeping, and taking excellent selfies, and quokka doesn’t settle in less. They eat grass of good quality. If they didn’t find it, they would climb the trees. Yes, they can climb also. And don’t forget tourists also offered them food to lure for photo sessions.

6.Master Manipulator

quokka acting

Cute huh, don’t mistake them by their killer smile. These small devils are more intelligent than you can ever imagine. They know what tourists want from them the same way the actors knew what audience or director want from them and they do the same .actors do acting for money, and our little friend does this for food and drinks. and again, it’s strictly forbidden to feed or to touch them or else to ready to pay 300 dollars .and don’t make them tourist-dependent let them have their own ecosystem.



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