Admin Menu Editor Pro V2.14.1 Free Plugin Download


Highlights Hide menus from jobs or clients Change menu consents with only a few of snaps. Snap a job, uncheck the menu things that you need to stow away, and check the ones that you need to show. You can likewise change authorizations for singular clients. For instance, you could conceal a menu from everybody aside from yourself, or give a client admittance to a particular administrator page without changing their job.

Put together the menu with intuitive Make WordPress simpler to use by moving oftentimes utilized menu things to the top. You can likewise move menu things starting with one submenu then onto the next, or to the primary menu. Need a high level connect to “Add New Post” or to a particular module? You can do that. Got a wild module that puts its administrator page in some unacceptable spot? Move it to “Settings” all things being equal. Browse more than 600 menu symbols The module accompanies an enormous assortment of symbols from the Dash icons and Font Awesome symbol text styles.

You can transfer your own PNG or GIF symbols through the Media Library, or enter the symbol URL physically. You can likewise add symbols to submenu things. Change menu colors Edit the foundation, text, symbol, and feature tones. You can apply your progressions to the whole administrator menu, or redo the shades of individual things. Make new menu things You can add your own connections to the administrator menu.

You can likewise make a custom menu that installs the substance of a post or page in the WordPress administrator. At long last, it’s feasible to make non-interactive things, which can be helpful for things like area headers in complex administrator menus. Make menus open in another tab or an iframe Let’s say you’re assembling a site for a non-specialized customer and you need to make an instructional exercise page or an outside assistance resemble it’s essential for WordPress. The “Open in: Frame” choice can assist with that.

It will show the connected page in a borderless edge. For fulfillment, “another window” alternative (for example target=”_blank”) is likewise included. Import and fare menu settings Export your administrator menu setup to a record, at that point import it on another site. Stow away modules Hide singular sections on the “Modules” page. Similarly as with menu things, you can conceal them from everybody, or just from explicit jobs or clients.

Apply your marking Use the Branding add-on to supplant the default WordPress marking with your own. You can supplant the WordPress logo, alter the login page, change the administrator shading plan, shroud the WordPress form and center update notices, etc. Alter the Admin Bar The discretionary Toolbar Editor add-on allows you to redo the Admin Bar, which is otherwise called the WordPress Toolbar. You can stow away toolbar things, change their request with drag and drop, rename things, add new connections, and that’s just the beginning.


  • Arrange the menu with simplified
  • Change menu tones
  • Browse more than 600 menu symbols
  • Make new menu things
  • Make menus open in another tab or an iframe
  • Import and fare menu settings
  • Alter the Admin Bar
  • Administrator MENU EDITOR PRO CHANGELOG Added
  • Added new “Import” and “Fare” tabs. Presently you can import and fare a large portion of the module settings, not simply the administrator menu and gadgets.

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