Affiliate Egg Pro Free Plugin Download With Key

Affiliate Egg Pro Free Plugin Download With Key

Any successful affiliate website owner will tell you that the greatest conversion and commission rates are found in famous local stores. There are a lot of excellent affiliate marketing plugins out there, however they all work with large networks since small businesses don’t have their own API and don’t participate in affiliate networks. This is why we developed Affiliate Egg, a plugin that works with a variety of businesses that no other plugin can.

Advantages of Affiliate Egg:

There’s no need to wait for a programmed to be approved, and there’s no need to utilize an API; you may use the plugin right away once it’s installed.
Categories, search results, and deal pages have separate product parsing and multi-product parsing.
Auto blog is a useful feature. Add a link to a shop category, and the plugin will pull new items from that category and publish them as individual articles on your site.
There are many output blocks (grid, list, product card, etc.)
Updated prices
More than 100 top local businesses are sponsored, and we’re adding more every month.
Custom cookies are used to determine the right currency in multi-currency stores.
Sub IDs and Deep links
Support for proxy servers
Parsing search pages (for example, you may build a collection of goods from the original store with a certain price range and criteria, ordered by popularity).

Is It Better To Be An Affiliate Or A Content Egg?

We also offer another fantastic Affiliate Marketing Content Egg plugin. So, which is the best option? The answer is BOTH; they do comparable tasks, but in distinct ways and with separate functions. Content Egg utilizes network APIs, whereas Affiliate Egg uses direct web parsing. Most of our customers use both plugins, which is why we developed the Affiliate Egg Content Egg integration to provide you with a shared environment and the added advantages of using two plugins together.

Connection to Content Egg:

You’ll be able to acquire even more. With our other plugin, Content Egg, we provide sophisticated integration. It will work with the free version of the plugin that you may download. You may gain a lot more features with this connection, such as Woo commerce integration, Price History, Price Alerts, Keyword search, and keywords-based auto blog. With the help of two plugins, you can meet all of your Affiliate Marketing requirements.

Affiliate Egg Pro Key