8 Best Golf Club Grips To Buy In 2022

Best And Finest Golf Grips for clubs

We look at the 8 top golf grips on the market right now.

Golf grip is the only thing that comes into contact with your hands during the swing it might seem simple to emphasize its importance. If your grip isn’t performing well chances your shots won’t go where you want them to because your hands are slipping or the grip isn’t suited to your hands.

A new grip can breathe new life in a club and something you’ve looked at with suspicion for years might soon become your new best friend. They can also be colour-coordinated with your favourite team.

On this page you will find a list of some of the best golf grips available right now each of which looks nice and performs admirably in its way.

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How To Re-Grip your clubs in 7 steps 


The New Decade Multi Compound is another outstanding product from Golf Pride with multiple major winners. It combines Brushed Cotton Technology in the upper half of the grip to aid glove hand traction with rubber in the lower half to enhance feel and forgiveness.

A ‘sand bar’ texture pattern has also been applied to the whole grip to fine-tune the rubber’s stiffness.

It’s so popular that it’s available in the ALIGN line and you can even personalize it with your favourite team’s colons to brighten up your clubs and get you in the winning spirit.

Golf Pride has more major wins and over 80% of tour pros use it without anyone being paid to do so. Collins Morikawa, who uses the Z Grip has joined the list. The brand’s full cord grip is available in regular and medium sizes. The midsize has a deep ‘Z’ shaped pattern that wraps around the grip while the heavy cable texture drains moisture. It is excellent for enhanced stability and traction in all weather conditions.

Besides golf grips Winn also specializes in fishing rods, tennis grips and bicycle grips. A round of 36 holes (or even many hitting golf balls) will be easier on your hands since the grips are thicker than typical rubber.

Five distinct colours are available for this grip, which is their most popular product.

You no longer have to worry about shifting your hands around and wondering if you’re too weak or strong with ALIGN technology.

Additionally, it features the most recent rubber blend and non-slip surface pattern to prevent any unwanted wetness. Both standard and medium sizes are available.

ALIGN is available in all four Golf Pride product lines: MCC Plus4, MCC, ZGrip, and Tour Velvet.

Jordan Spieth, Sergio Garcia and Jason Dufner all use this grip. It features exactly the right amount of softness and tack and thanks to the cross-traction technology, it will stick to work perfectly when the heavens open.

Regular and medium sizes are available as well as 4- color variations.

A very popular grip with high-value option and available in every size imaginable. It has a unique surface pattern that is excellent for stability and traction and has a harder less sticky feel. This grip is especially useful with the big stick which is why we included it in our best golf grips for drivers guides.

According to feedback they will last forever so while we should re-grip our clubs more often they will keep working for years to come.

After releasing the all-rubber Pro Only series in 2019, they’ve come up with this sleek, white design. Each of the three shapes is identified by a color coordinated star on the end cap.

This is the smallest and lightest line with a horseshoe form and an arching paddle for thumb placement. With its angled design and broad, flat paddle for the thumb, the Blue Star is the smallest and lightest. The Green Star is the largest and heaviest. This oval-shaped item was designed with finger comfort and hand posture in mind.

corded Pro Only grips are available in three different variations.

The original in the range you will recognize it from Justin Rose’s hands, whose putting has been improving in recent years, helping him to the lofty heights of World No. 1.

The sides run parallel to each other and have a flat front while the polyurethane composition provides a soft, comfortable feel.

If you prefer a larger grip consider the Fat and Big Boy sizes or the Slightly and Svelte sizes on the other end. In the middle is the Standard. It all comes down to keeping the putter square and your wrists and hands still throughout the stroke.


There are several factors to consider when purchasing golf grips. Check them out

Club or Putter Grip – You need to consider which clubs you want to replace the grip on. A range of club-specific models are available from woods to wedges and putter grips are designed for comfort and confidence in the golfer’s hands. These grips often feature flat edges for the hands.

Type/Material – Today, several types and materials are used in golf grips, so it is important to understand them.

Firm vs Soft – It is important to understand the difference between them. Tour players and rapid swingers favor thinner grips because they provide better torsion control and encourage players to use lighter grip pressure. Older players may prefer softer grips since they make swinging more enjoyable.

Feel – Golf grips must feel comfortable in your hands and since everyone’s hands are different, many golfers will react differently to the various materials. Try out as many grips as you can so that you can figure out what you like and perhaps more importantly what you don’t.

Size – We all make sure to purchase the correct shoe size for our feet so we do the same for our grips. Legend has it that the ideal grip allows the fingers to barely touch the palm.

Certain players, such as Bryson DeChambeau prefer a larger grip while others prefer a thinner design.

Many players also adjust the grip size by adding or removing layers of tape between the shaft and grip. A professional can determine which grip size is best for you.

Durability – Some grips are better than others while certain golfers play more, which will undoubtedly affect the condition of some grips.

Color –  Modern golf grips come in various colors. You can get that if you prefer something more traditional, such as a black grip. On the other hand brands have you covered if you want to stand out.