4 Best Golf Gloves for Women To Buy In 2022

Best Golf Gloves for Women

The expression “It fits like a glove” definitely applies to your glove because if it is too tight or too loose it will impact the quality of your grip and ultimately, your performance. The best golf gloves will find the perfect fit for your hand.

These features when combined create the optimal fit and feel on the grip of the club allowing golfers to make a confident swing.

No matter the weather a golf glove is a fashionable accessory and there are many different styles and colors available for women nowadays.

We have an another great collection review of Best golf Gloves for men To Enhance your game.

What to Look for in Women’s Golf Glove

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for gloves:

  • Hand Orientation: Traditionally, golf gloves are worn on the non-dominant hand. Four of our favourites are available on either hand, so don’t worry if your favorite glove is only made for one hand.
  • Material: The Cabretta leather glove is a popular choice. Other gloves are made with a combination of materials. Leather has a great feel and grip but can wear out quickly. Synthetic material is more flexible and will last you longer.

1. Top Choice: TaylorMade 2019 Kalea Ladies Golf Glove

TaylorMade 2019 Kalea Ladies Golf Glove

The 2019 TaylorMade Kalea Ladies Golf Glove does not disappoint. TaylorMade makes Cabretta Soft Tech leather and the stretch-fit tab ensures a secure fit. A key component of this glove is its breathability: it features a perforated design, a humidity wristband and a four-way nylon liner that improves airflow and comfort.

2. Best Value: FootJoy Women's WeatherSof Golf Glove

Best Value: FootJoy Women's WeatherSof Golf Glove

These FootJoy gloves are a terrific option if you’re looking for the best value. The gloves are made of leather, synthetic, and mesh materials. Its leather gives durability and grip in the thumb and palm, which are the two areas of your hand that are most crucial for grasping your club. In addition, the glove has Soft Net Power mesh across the knuckles for flexibility and breathability.

3. Most Versatile: Zero Friction Ladies Compression-Fit Golf Glove

Most Versatile: Zero Friction Ladies Compression-Fit Golf Glove

The Zero Friction gloves are above and beyond what is normally expected. They are typically made of polyester and Lycra mesh. Compression-Fit material on this glove allows for a one-size-fits-all fit for hands of all shapes and sizes. The material is also breathable and flexible, and it has a leather palm patch for enhanced grip. Additionally, the gloves come with a detachable tee and ball marker.

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4. Most Comfortable: FootJoy Women's StaCooler Golf Glove

Most Comfortable: FootJoy Women's StaCooler Golf Glove

Footjoy’s StaCooler glove offers a comfortable alternative to take on the course if you’re looking for a more comfortable glove. As well as providing elasticity and flexibility, its synthetic and mesh materials also boost breathability, which is important in hot weather. Aloe Vera Cabretta leather gives it a dry feel and a better grip.