Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story Or Chat?

We've all been there. Someone you know posted an Instagram photo that needs to be reviewed by your buddies immediately.

However, when you capture a screenshot or save a post for later you are immediately struck with the worry that someone has been notified – especially if you have been peeking at weird hours or are five years back in time.

Perhaps you have uploaded a video or photo to your direct messages (DMs) that you regret and want to know if anyone has taken a print of it.

How do you know if Instagram notify when you screenshot a story Or Chat? Here’s everything you need to know.

Will Instagram notify the person if I screenshot or save their post?

Instagram does not yet notify users if someone has screenshotted (or saved) their posts, stories, reels or permanent DM.

It’s also true if you capture a screen recording of a user’s post which allows you to sneak in quietly. Instagram does not tell users when someone screenshots their post.

Remember, Instagram issued a warning in 2018 if users took screenshots of their stories. The change was reversed a few months later. Instagram has built the capability to inform users if their stories are screenshotted, so keep that in mind. In the future, Instagram may reintroduce a similar feature.

Additionally, Instagram does not provide notification when you screenshot any other portion of the app including photographs, such as a user’s profile, list of followers or different screens. The same is true if you take a screenshot of a user’s video post – Instagram won’t tell them.

If someone has a corporate or creator account, Instagram will inform them how many people saved their post – but not individual users.

Why would you want to screenshot Instagram posts?

Instagram lets you save photos and videos you like for future reference and easy access. Here’s how to bookmark Instagram posts:

Step 1: To Save a post, navigate to it and touch the save symbol, as shown below.

How To Save A post in instagram

Step 2: The article will be saved. If you want to keep it in a collection, select an existing one or create a new one.

How to save a instagram post

That’s it. Tap on your profile picture, then tap the three horizontal bars (menu icon) in the top-right corner > ‘Saved’ to access your stored images and videos.

Where to see your instagram post

Saving a post also takes time as previously mentioned. They can only see it if they have the Instagram app downloaded on their device.

A screenshot of an Instagram post can be taken in a matter of seconds and shared like any other image – via other messaging apps or sites. There is no need for the recipient to have the Instagram app. The original Instagram post will not be removed or deleted if you take a screenshot.

Does Instagram notify users when you screenshot DMs?

The answer is yes, but there is a condition. Not every screenshot you take is notified in Instagram DM (direct message) chats. Only when you capture a copy of a ‘disappearing’ photo or video message can only be captured when it is captured.

Instagram Notification

The camera captures a disappearing message but deletes it from the DM chat. If the other person sees them they quickly disappear.

When you take a screenshot of a photo or video that someone has uploaded to their gallery or camera roll, Instagram does not alert them. In addition, screenshots of non-disappearing content in DMs (such as posts from feeds or text messages) will not be sent to the user.

How does Instagram notify users of DM screenshots?

Instagram will send a popup notification to a user whose photos are screenshotted in a DM. The notice will also include the username of the person who took the screenshot.

Screenshot notification in DM

They will also notice a little icon next to the screenshot if it has been screenshotted. If a screenshot is taken of a vanishing photo a small starburst icon will appear next to it.

How to avoid being detected for an Instagram screenshot

The app will not warn you if you set your phone to flight mode while taking screenshots. You can also use the Instagram desktop website.

You can also safely perform the trick with Story Reposter for iPhones and StorySaver for Android.


You may want to take a screenshot of a user’s profile or bio so you can quickly remember their website or contact information. As with screenshots of photos and videos, Instagram does not alert users when screenshots of their profiles are taken.

You should consider making your Instagram profile private if you’re concerned about people taking screenshots of your profile. If you do this, you can prevent people who aren’t your Instagram followers from screenshotting your posts. However, your followers and friends will be able to see your profile and take screenshots.

You should not use such third-party apps and services. Instagram strictly prohibits the use of bots and may temporarily or permanently block your actions if you use one.

Here are some methods you can use to prevent Instagram from notifying you when you screenshot a photo in DM chats:

  • Turn on aeroplane mode to go offline if you want to take a screenshot of a photo in a DM chat without the user knowing. Instagram will not recognize an offline screenshot.
  • Log into Instagram through a web browser, scroll to the Direct Messages section, and take a screenshot. Instagram does not recognize screenshots taken from computer browsers.