Home Trending Elon Musk threatened by hacker Organisation Anonymous in a recent video

Elon Musk threatened by hacker Organisation Anonymous in a recent video

Elon Musk threatened by hacker Organisation Anonymous in a recent video

According to the famous hacking group, Elon Musk’s ambition to save the planet is motivated by a supremacy and rescuer complex rather than genuine concern for humankind.

Anonymous, an online activist, and hacker organization has taken note of Elon Musk’s recent statements regarding cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and has finally sent him a message. Anonymous posted an on YouTube, called Musk a “narcissistic rich dude who is desperate for attention.” They chided him for his “public temper tantrums” that have seen cryptocurrency values drop like a stone in recent weeks, potentially wiping out many people’s investments, at least for the time being. While this blunt message has been broadcast to the globe, there is still considerable debate about whether the original Anonymous organization uploaded it. On the other hand, Musk would not be thrilled by reminded of Tesla employees’ “unbearable conditions” and the worth of government subsidies.

Someone dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask appears in the video addressed to Elon Musk, discussing concerns with Tesla and Musk’s statements on cryptocurrency. The video states, “It appears that the games you’ve played with the crypto markets have destroyed lives.” Musk has also been criticized for show disrespect for a working person, whose crypto investments may have seriously harmed as a result of Musk’s actions on SNL and Twitter, which have seen crypto prices drop to their lowest point in a long time. According to Anonymous, “millions of individual investors were banking on their crypto earnings to improve their lives.” A lot of the other statements seem to be based on reports from the past few years. Still, there are some noteworthy comments made in the video about the working conditions at Tesla’s factories and how much of Tesla’s value comes from government subsidies for electric cars rather than the Tesla electric cars themselves. Tesla also keeps or at least has held, large amounts of Bitcoin, according to Anonymous.

“Big companies are focusing on space exploration and electric automobiles. Anonymous does not mince words when he says, “You are the only CEO who has created a fan status via s**t posting and trolling the globe on social media.” The video also covers Tesla’s sources of revenue. “In reality, many people aren’t aware that the great bulk of Tesla’s revenue comes from government subsidies – selling carbon tax credits in exchange for your clean energy innovation,” explains Anonymous.

Reconnecting With Family And Friends:

Anonymous threats elon musk

However, there is much debate about whether the true Anonymous group released this video. @YourAnonNews and @BscAnon, two Twitter accounts, have denied being behind the video directed at Elon Musk. “#Anonymous message to Elon Musk,” posted another Twitter handle @YourAnonCentral. Will @elonmusk answer, or will he remain silent? #dogecoin #bitcoin” “From the most influential Anonymous account @YourAnonCentral, the organization made out to the infamous billionaire for reaction on the message sent to him by the hacking group,” the group says in a separate post. They go on to discuss what Musk has said since then, including cryptic tweets like “Don’t kill what you hate, save what you love” and altering his profile photo. “Stop hiding and answer #Anonymous,” YourAnonCentral answered.

Crypto Volatility Hurts Smaller Investors More:

Crypto Hurting

“As hardworking people have their dreams crushed due to your public rants, you continue to insult them with memes from one of your million-dollar mansions” are likely comments that everyone who has had their crypto investments slashed would agree with. Elon Musk’s teasing of cryptocurrencies began before his appearance on Saturday Night Live when he was Expect to boost the value of a Dogecoin, But that didn’t happen. The coin’s value is now hovering at little over half of what it was before Musk’s SNL appearance. Since then, Musk has tweeted against cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, which has negatively influenced overall prices in recent weeks.

Electricity And Statistics:

crypto currrency making

According to one of the tweets, Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin as a payment method for its electric cars since crypto mining consumes much power. Galaxy Digital, a financial services and investment management organization, has responded by releasing some Bitcoin energy usage figures, which show that traditional banking systems and gold mining spend up to twice as much energy as Bitcoin.



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