How 8 year old Amarjeet Sada Became the youngest serial killer in the India

Amarjeet Sada- child serial killer in india

Amarjeet Sada is the World’s youngest serial Killer and likely one of the most efficient and cruel killing children’s between 2006 and 2007. Sada had murdered three children in a year by the time he was 10 one of whom was his own baby sister.

In the small town of Begusarai the Indian state of Bihar a kid was born in 1998, but little is known about him. Most of his history has been withheld from the court because of his age. It is known that Sada’s father was a laborer that the family was poor and that no one had ever attended school. According to the report the child was motivated to murder his 6 year old cousin and 8 month old sibling in 2006 and Kushboo a six-month-old infant in 2007.

Amarjeet sada youngest serial killer in india

Kent Kiehl a psychologist at the University of New Mexico says that someone who commits crimes early displays psychopathic behavior. These youngsters are more likely to show cruel behavior and commit horrible crimes growing up.

Psychopathy is characterized by loss of guilt, emotional detachment and extreme indifference to human feelings. Despite being a minority in society they are responsible for more than half of all crimes. Although most of them are mature adults who conceal their actions from the public eye, specific individuals begin their murderous sprees extremely young.

Amarjeet Sada, India’s and worlds youngest and most infamous child psychopath, was only 8 when he first nourished his passion for taking a human life and causing agony to others. A little eight-month-old infant was his first victim. The fact that the eight-month-old kid was Amarjeet’s sister adds to the terrible nature of the incident.

How His Family Reacted To Sada's Crimes

Mushahar is a village in Bihar (India) where amarjeet was born and grew up like other children. Although no one could have predicted that he would commit such horrific acts as an adult. According to some since his father was a worker he forced Amarjeet to work early. He’s psychopathic and sadistic impulses must have developed due to the family’s poverty.

He killed another six-month-old shortly after the death of his sister. It happened to be the infant’s maternal uncle’s daughter. Sada seems to enjoy selecting easy-to-access victims and strangling them to death. More horrifying is that the villagers and their families were aware of Sada’s murders but chose to remain silent using family matters as an excuse.

Neither of them expected that Amarjeet’s killing spree would soon extend beyond his family.

In 2007, Chunchun Devi, the mother of a six-month-old girl named Khushboo, left her at a school care center while attending to her daily tasks. Upon returning, Khushboo was no longer there. After hearing the news, people began to fear the worst and knowing Amarjeet’s history and easy access to Khushboo, they approached him.

Amarjeet showed no remorse after being interrogated. He told the villagers cheerfully, “She was sleeping in the school.” “I killed her with a stone and buried her,” he said. “Khapda de mar mar ke sura deliyay!” he exclaimed, translated as “I killed her with a brick.” He then covered her with trash and grass then fled to his residence. After confessing to the murder of Khushboo Devi, Amarjeet was arrested.

Because his family covered up his first two murders, he was never found guilty. Still, he was interrogated and asked how and why he attacked his victims. The answer he gave would send shivers down anyone’s spine. Amarjeet Sada merely smiled at the officers and asked for a biscuit when confronted about the killings. It was as if he had no remorse; if he were pointed in the direction of his horrible actions, he would stop talking and smile and ask for more biscuits.

Amarjeet Had No Sense Of What Was Right Or Wrong.

Begusarai Superintendent Amir Lodha demanded a psychiatric evaluation when it became apparent that Amarjeet was suffering from child psychopathy. A Patna-based psychotherapist named Shamshad Hussain began investigating Amarjeet’s case and concluded that this was a case of a youngster who had no remorse and was driven to harm others – a precise instance of psychopathy.

Amarjeet had a condition that caused a chemical imbalance in his brain, causing him to crave other people’s agony. Due to his lack of understanding of right and wrong, he was diagnosed with a behavior problem, which was supposedly genetic.

In India, it is believed that Amarjeet was sentenced to only three years in juvenile prison because no kid can be imprisoned for a more extended period than that under any circumstances. He may have been placed in a mental hospital after serving his sentence because of his mental state and his danger to society.

Where Is Amarjeet Sada Now?

“The Post Mortem Post” reported in 2015 that Amarjeet Sada was at an Indian children’s institution where he intended to remain until he turned 18. As Amarjeet is now over the age of twenty, he will leave the children’s home if the allegations are true.

Regardless of whether he continued to commit crimes or whether his child psychopathy was treated at the time of his conviction, it is safe to assume that Amarjeet Sada’s case is unique in that he deliberately killed children and planned it to hide their remains. I find it horrifying that this was all done by an eight-year-old.

Was It Amarjeet Really Behind The Murder's?

Many believe Amarjeet was not the original culprit and was set up as a fall guy because the crimes were too complex for an eight-year-old to have committed them on his own. This theory gains weight because there have been no documented incidents of mentally ill youngsters killing and then covering up the bodies and evidence of their crimes.

Amarjeet Sada’s cold, cruel smile when asked about the crimes, along with the fact that he was excited to show the bodies and knew their exact location, suggest that he was, in particular, India’s youngest and most infamous serial killer.

Final Words:

Amarjeet Sada was considered a one-of-a-kind case by the international community. As a result of him, many families have lost precious newborns. In all likelihood, Amarjeet’s family did more wrong than he did. The doctor should examine his mental health.

The problem is that they hide everything, leading to the death of many loved ones. Amarjeet also attempted to kill his sister, complicating his family’s case further.