How to Get on The Instagram Explore Page in 2022


Getting on Instagram’s Explore page is equivalent of striking gold: when it happens, life becomes a lot easier.

Although ad dollars drive the majority of social media exploration, the Instagram Explore page remains one of the last frontiers for organic reach.

Instagram’s fine-tuned algorithm has gotten really good at recommending people with content they might be interested in behind the Explore feed. When it comes to spreading misinformation, it’s a little too good.

In response to both bad and good actors, the algorithm is constantly evolving and learning to identify problematic content, eliminate bias, promote new formats, and connect people on the platform with positive communities.

The benefits of appearing in the Explore tab for brands include potential increases in reach, impressions, and sales. It’s a place to expand your audience and nurture community. Learn about the most recent algorithm updates and how to get to the Explore page the right way.

1.What is the Instagram Explore page?

The Instagram Explore page is a collection of public photos, videos, Reels, and Stories which are tailored to help each Instagram user discover posts, accounts, hashtags, or products that they may be interested in.

The Instagram Explore page’s algorithm adapts and improves its content recommendations using machine learning.

“We’re working to update the types of photos and videos you see in Explore so that it’s more tailored to you,” an Instagram post explains. The company claims that the posts it displays are chosen “based on things like the people you follow or the posts you like.”

Tap the magnifying glass icon in the lower menu, just above the dedicated Reels and Shop tabs, to access the Instagram Explore page. People can search for accounts, hashtags, and locations at the top of the feed. Instagram added keyword searches in November, expanding search beyond usernames and hashtags.

Instagram Explore page

Following that are various categories ranging from a dedicated IGTV feed to topics such as music, sports, travel, beauty, and food. New categories, such as “audio,” are likely to appear here soon. When someone searches for something, the category options change.

When a user clicks on a photo in the Explore feed, a continuous scroll feed of content related to that photo appears. So, in a way, the Explore page is a massive feed of portals to even more feeds, each one more detailed and focused than the last.

Every day, 200 million Instagram accounts browse the Explore feed, according to the company.

2.How does the Instagram Explore page algorithm work?

There are no two Instagram Explore pages that are alike. This is due to Instagram’s Explore Feed Ranking System, which personalities the content displayed when someone opens the Explore tab.

The Instagram algorithm is a machine learning-based system that adjusts what’s displayed based on various data sources and ranking signals.

In comparison to the home feed, where users see posts from accounts they follow, Instagram engineers refer to the Explore page as an “unconnected system.” According to Amogh Mahapatra, one of the company’s machine learning researchers, in a recent Instagram blog post, posts are chosen “based on a user’s activity across Instagram and are then ranked based on similar factors.”

  • In other words, the content on each Instagram user’s Explore page is chosen based on:
  • Accounts that someone is already following
  • What kind of people an account follows
  • The types of posts with which an account frequently interacts
  • Posts with a lot of comments

Some steps, such as the introduction of Machine Learning Model Cards, have also been taken to address algorithmic bias.

Is it true that having an Instagram business account affects the Explore page feed ranking?

At the moment, Instagram’s ranking favours accounts with the most interactions, whether they’re Business, Creator, or personal accounts.

“Our goal is to enable businesses to develop more meaningful connections with their audience and to be discovered by people who want to broaden their interests by branching out from the accounts they already follow,” the Instagram business website states.

3.Benefits of getting on the Instagram Explore page

Showing up on Instagram users’ Explore pages means your content will get more exposure.As a result, the advantages may or may not include:

  • An increase in engagement on the piece of content (post, IGTV video, or Reel) that made it to Explore, as your content is seen by a larger audience than your followers.
  • An increase in new followers (those that like your post enough to check out your profile and are impressed by your amazing bio, highlight covers, etc.)
  • Going forward, there will be a residual increase in engagement (from those new followers)
  • Increased conversions (if you have the right call-to-action ready for all those fresh eyeballs)
  • Product tags and Instagram shopping tools have resulted in an increase in sales.

Convinced? Let’s look at how we can make it happen.

4.How to get on the Instagram Explore page: 9 tips

Follow these hints and tips and you’ll be showing up on people’s Explore pages in no time!

1. Get to know your target market

Your target audience already knows who you are. Take “know your audience” one step further to land on the Instagram Explore page. Get to know your Instagram demographics, identify the target audiences you want to reach in Explore, and learn what content these users are most interested in.

Your company’s account The Explore feed is a good place to begin. Examine the posts, categories, and niche feeds and make a note of the tactics you might be able to replicate. During this exercise, you may want to ask the following questions:

  • What tone seems to be the most popular with the audience?
  • Is there a best-performing visual style?
  • What type of caption evokes the most comments?

2. Share engaging content

With a better understanding of what content your target market finds engaging, try your hand at some Instagram engagement. Apply your audience research to the social media content strategy of your brand.

Videos have an advantage over static visuals in terms of engagement because they autopay in the Explore tab and are frequently given more real estate in the feed. However, visuals with product tags, carousel formats, or simply stunning imagery can be engaging as well. Don’t underestimate the power of fascinating captions.

Take the best practices for each format into consideration. Share high-quality visuals, catch viewers’ attention early, and provide something of value, such as great storytelling or loyalty rewards. Keep in mind that engagement extends beyond likes and comments. As a result, strive to create content that people will want to share and/or save.

3. Try prominent formats, such as Reels

It’s no secret that Instagram is rooting for Reels to succeed. There’s a reason Reels appear in the Explore feed as well as its own dedicated tab. The tab is so important to the Instagram app’s user experience that the entire home page was rearranged to make room for it.

Being discovered in the Reels tab may lead to being discovered in the Explore tab as well. But think twice before reposting that TikTok. Those with the TikTok watermark, it appears, are penalized by Instagram’s algorithm.

Experiment with different formats, such as Reels or IGTV, to see which verticals have the most reach. Keep an eye on Instagram updates to see which formats the company is highlighting at any given time.

4. Cultivate an active community

One of the primary goals of Instagram’s Explore page is to connect people to the platform’s communities. Community building is essential to Instagram’s success, and it should be essential to your marketing strategy as well.

The more active your brand’s Instagram community is, the more likely Instagram will recommend it to “lookalike audiences” on the Explore page.

Allow your audience plenty of opportunities to interact with your account. Begin and participate in brand conversations in the comment section, direct messages, and other active brand channels. Encourage your community to enable notifications for your posts so that they can engage with you as soon as they see them.

5. Post when your followers are online

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes timing (also known as recency), so if your post is fresh, it will be seen by more of your followers. And getting a lot of engagement from your own followers is the first step toward getting on the Explore page.

Examine our analysis of the best time to post on Instagram for your industry, consult your analytics, or use Hootsuite’s post composer to determine when your audience is online. Or, for a summary of all of the above, go to Hootsuite Labs on YouTube.

Pro tip: An Instagram scheduler is your best bet if your audience is online when you are not.

6. Use relevant tags

Geotags, account tags, and hashtags are additional ways to broaden your content’s reach within the Explore ecosystem.

People also use the Instagram Explore page to search for hashtags and locations. If a particular hashtag tickles someone’s interest, they can now follow it. Choose strategic Instagram hashtags and geotags to ensure that your content is found by those who are looking for it.

Account tags are another way for your posts to be discovered by new audiences. Make sure to tag the appropriate accounts in your posts, whether it’s the CEO of the company, brand partners (including influencers), or the photographer or illustrator.

Share posts from your audience to build community while also increasing reach and engagement.

7. Pay attention to analytics

Examine what you’re doing that is already vibrating with your target audience. You might discover that they prefer your boomerangs to your carousels, or that they prefer your jokes to your inspirational quotes.

If you can consistently get your own audience to tap hearts and leave comments, their engagement will help accelerate you to the Explore page.

Examine your analytics to see if any of your most popular posts have already appeared on the Explore page. Tap the blue View Insights button to the right of your prized post, then swipe up to see where all your impressions came from.

Pro tip: Use Hootsuite’s Post Performance tool to identify your top-performing posts and make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

8. Consider ads in Explore

Consider an ad in the Explore feed if you’re willing to boost your organic efforts with some ad dollars.

These ads will not direct you to the Explore feed grid. Instead, you are placed in the next best position: When someone clicks on a post in the grid, a scrollable feed of photos and videos appears.

instagram Images

If you think this is an easy way out, think again. To generate a return on investment from an ad on the Explore page, it must be as compelling as the posts that surround it. 

9. Skip the algorithm hacks

Creating Instagram pods or purchasing followers may provide short-term benefits, but they rarely pay off in the long run.

“Instagram’s feed ranking is driven by machine learning, which is constantly adapting to new data patterns.” “As a result, it can detect inauthentic activity and make changes,” explains Instagram’s @creators account.

Concentrate on developing engaging content and establishing a genuine brand community.

5.How to reset the Instagram Explore page if you don’t like what you’re seeing

Don’t like what you’re seeing on Instagram Explore? Here’s an easy fix: Refresh the feed by dragging it down. Simply place your thumb on the screen and slide it down until the circle below the categories spins.

Here’s how to instruct the algorithm what you don’t want to see for a more long-term solution:

  1. Tap on the post that you don’t like.
  2. Tap the three dots to the right of the post.
  3. Click the Not Interested checkbox.
Instragram not interested
Not interested setting in instagram


Getting on the Instagram Explore page is similar to running a targeted ad to your target audience. Through likes and comments, you can increase engagement on your posts, gain more followers, and even make direct sales through shopping posts.

Even better, you can optimise your posts for each of these objectives.

Instagram Explore, according to Facebook, will continue to evolve. Make a note of this page, as it will be updated whenever there are changes to Explore.

6.How Do You Boost Engagement?

Here are a few clues to help you increase engagement and get your post on the Instagram Explore Page!

Instagram is now trying to crack down on organized and coordinated inauthentic behavior as a result of the Instagram Algorithm Update in August of 2020. This means that accounts that use DM engagement groups, Power likes, and possibly Instagram Giveaways will begin to go through an Identity Verification Review Process that could last up to 30 days.

Not to worry! There are numerous Organic Instagram Growth Hacks you can use to increase engagement, followers, and other metrics.

  • Create Captivating Content:

Finding content that is already going viral is a great place to start if you want to capitalize on the tail end hype and increase your engagement. It also helps to provide high-quality content. People want to see high-quality images with meaningful captions.

  • Create Call to Actions:

Sometimes followers just need a little hint to get them to engage. “Double Tap if you Agree,” “Tag a friend who needs to see this,” and “Tell us what you think down below” are some classic CTAs for engagement. These are sneaky ways to entice your followers to engage.

  • Tag People & Brands:

Tagging influencers for brands is a great way to get their attention. Connect with influencers in your niche, comment on their posts, and begin establishing a line of communication. This will allow you to build a relationship with them, which will eventually help you grow.

  • Use Proper Hashtags:

#hashtags are one of Instagram’s hidden tools that are undervalued. A single hashtag can increase engagement on a post by 13%! Use all 30 hashtags allowed by Instagram; this will help your post spread further through sub-niche categories.

  1. Use Hashtags on Instagram

Just above, we discussed hashtags briefly. However, hashtags are an extremely useful tool for landing on the Instagram Explore Tab and understanding the Explore Page Algorithm.

That is why we wanted to provide them with their own explanation and section here.

Instagram is highlighting hashtag content just like video content and the importance of using appropriate hashtags. Instagram hashtags have the potential to grow in popularity. Hashtags can now become groups on Facebook and begin to build a community around them.

Depending on how specific the hashtag is, these communities can have highly targeted audiences. The addition of this hashtag follow feature is a small indication that Instagram values its function.

6.Instagram explore page algorithm

Instagram did not include “related hashtags” at the top of the explore page until the 2018 Explore Page Update. This may appear to be a minor change with no importance.

However, as previously stated, you must begin to notice the trends that Instagram is adopting in order to stay ahead of the game. Instagram is pushing hashtag content, which is a small but significant change. They want to see more communities form around hashtags.

This means that using specific hashtags will make it easier to gain exposure/reach. More users will be browsing hashtag content more frequently, increasing the chances of your posts going viral!

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags to be used in a single post; make sure you’re using them all! Don’t use generic hashtags, either. Make an effective list of hashtags that change from post to post. This is how my hashtag structure works for every Instagram account:

15 hashtags related to the niche in which my account operates.

These are hashtags that are specific to a specific niche. You should always have a couple of really big hashtags that are already viral. Then add in some people who are well-known.

  1. 10 hashtags: post/event specific.

This means those are new hashtags for each post. They are specific in the sense that they apply directly to the content’s subject, location, and so on. #bugattichiron #youngentrepreneursclub #socialmediamarketingtips2018 are a few examples.

These can be any hashtag that is currently trending or popular on Instagram or in your niche. This can be a great way to capture some of the viral energy surrounding the hashtag.

Understanding the importance that Instagram places on specific features is critical when manipulating the Explore Page. The power of hashtags is immense. Make sure you’re making the most of that power.

  1. What Goes Viral on Instagram?

Instagram’s goal is to maximize user session time. The explore page is Instagram’s test site for content’s ability to keep users on the platform.

Instagram’s Explore Page displays trending/viral content in the hopes of capturing the attention of users. Viral content has high-quality engagement, so its ability to capture and hold the user’s attention is strong.

Instagram promotes these posts in order to increase user session time. Working with the Instagram algorithm is the best way to take advantage of it.

If your content captures the user’s attention and prompts them to engage. Then Instagram will gladly boost your post to the explore page and make it go viral!

  1. Try Reposting Viral Content

Some of us lack the resources and imagination to create such captivating content. But don’t worry! Instagram is a platform for content sharing.

Having said that, there is a wealth of viral content on Instagram that you can repost.

NOTE: It is critical that you always give credit to the original creators.

It’s huge to use viral content to manipulate the explore page algorithm! Instagram is always on the lookout for viral content to promote. The reason content goes viral is because a large number of Instagrammers view/interact with it.

Thus, promoting viral content is the solution to increasing user session time on Instagram! That is, if your content becomes popular, Instagram will take notice of your account. It’s a win-win situation for both parties if your account gains more reach and exposure!

  1. Viral Niche Content

Instagram introduced a new way to categories content in the 2018 Explore Page Update. Using broad niche topics, small tabs at the top of the explore page have been created to assist users in finding content in various niches. These niche tabs direct users to a niche-specific explore page.

This will allow followers to discover content in niches they would not normally explore. This is yet another way for Instagram to distribute a wide range of content to all users. The implementation of these tabs will result in significant growth in these niches. At the moment, there are only a few niches listed. They are as follows:










TV & Movies





If you’re a skilled Instagrammer, these niche topics should come as no surprise. These are the most popular Instagram niches, and they have been for some time. If you dig a little deeper into each explore page, you’ll notice that all of the tabs only feature viral content!

Having your content on these niche explore pages will be extremely beneficial to your growth. Not only will Instagram consider your account and content to be of high quality. However, you will experience significantly more growth than ever before.

This is due to the fact that you are gaining followers from sources other than the specific niche itself. You gain followers in addition to the random users who browse through each niche explore tab. Who are unfamiliar with these other niches and are simply browsing.

This pass of followers from various niches will result in a more well-rounded content platform and, of course, increased growth!

  1. Instagram Stories are Powering Up!

Instagram Stories has long been a popular feature on the platform. Almost every other week, new filters, stickers, gifs, and so on are released to spice up your Instagram Story.

Not to mention, Instagram launched Spark AR Studio, where anyone can go and create their own Instagram face filter. This has taken brand awareness and branding to a whole new level. Face filters on Instagram go viral on a variety of platforms thanks to other social platforms such as TikTok. For example, the Instagram “Which Disney Are You?” Face Filter became a viral trend on TikTok.

Furthermore, Instagram has begun to promote Stories on their Explore Tabs. Influencer stories with a high number of views are sometimes promoted in their respective hashtag community or Explore Tab! Giving Instagram Stories even more leverage.

Increase the amount of content you post to your Instagram Story; the best part about stories is that they only last 24 hours. This can be a great place to test new content before releasing it to your account feed.

Not only that, but with all of the widgets available for Instagram Stories, you can take polls, create quizzes, and ask questions to learn more about your audience. After all, if you better prepare your content for your audience, achieving high engagement rates within the first 45 minutes of posting will be a piece of cake.

Wrap Up

This concludes our guide to Unlocking the Instagram Explore Page Algorithm and Getting on the Explore Tab. All of the factors we’ve discussed are some of the most important ones used to rank your content on the Explore Page.

Being able to spot trends and analyze actions will help you stay ahead of the competition. Begin analyzing these changes in the same way that we did above. Small changes can reveal significant information about the importance that Instagram places on specific features.

7.How to delete or deactivate instagram account

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world today, with over a billion users. It is the eighth-largest online community, chasing only Facebook and the Facebook-owned Messenger and WhatsApp. When dedicated messaging apps are removed from the list, Instagram becomes the third-largest social network in the world and the second-largest in North America. It is a critical platform for both users and brands.

Of course, there will come a time when you will want to disconnect from your social media platforms permanently. People are deleting their social media accounts in greater numbers than ever before in order to live a life less focused on online culture. Whether you’re trying to protect your future job prospects by deleting your social media accounts, or you just want to reach for your phone less, deleting your social media accounts may lead to a healthier life.

Permanently deleting your Instagram account may appear to be a major step, but if you’re ready to be free of your account and regain some free time in your life, it’s simple to do. Let’s look at how to permanently delete or deactivate your Instagram account.

How to Save Your Account Data

Before you delete your account, keep a permanent record of your posts, comments, and profile information. When you delete your account, Instagram deletes your account and everything on it. That means your photos, likes, and comments will be permanently deleted. Follow these steps to save your account data:

  1. Open Instagram and tap the profile icon in the lower right corner.
selecting the option

2.Tap the three vertical lines in the top right corner, then tap Settings at the bottom.

instagram settings

3.Select Security from your Settings menu, then find the Download Data option.

download data

4.Enter your email address and tap Request Download.

backup data

Instagram will email a complete file of your profile to the email address you provided within 48 hours, containing your photos, comments, profile information, and anything else you may need to access in the future. Even if you believe you will never need this data again, it is an important step in ensuring that your data is secure if you ever need to access it. If you don’t do this, you’ll lose all of your data—and you’ll never be able to recover it, no matter how hard you try.

8.How Do I Permanently Delete or disable My Instagram Account?

You can delete your account after you’ve saved your data. Instagram users have two options. The first option is to delete your account and everything associated with it permanently, while the second is a temporary option.

Permanently deleting your Instagram account is only possible through a browser, which can be either mobile or desktop. Here’s how to delete your Instagram account permanently:

1.Go to the special Delete Your Account page on your browser (make sure that you’re logged in).

How to delete instagram account

2.Select a reason for deletion from the drop-down menu.

How can i delete my instagram account

3.Click or tap the Delete button.

steps to delete my instagram account

Disable Your Instagram Account

Don’t be too hasty if all you want is a break from Instagram. Instead of deleting your account, consider disabling it. By disabling, you will be logged out and your profile will be hidden. In terms of your followers, you might as well have deleted the account. But, in terms of you, you can return at any time by simply logging back in. To disable your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to from your browser (you cannot do this from the app).
  2. Log in, if prompted to do so.
guide to delete your account

3.Click or tap on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.

process to delete your insta account

4.Click or tap Profile then Edit Profile.

instagram delete

5.Scroll down and tap Temporarily disable my account to the right of the Submit button.

temporary disabling your account

6.You will be asked why you are doing this. Select an option from the drop-down menu.


7.Re-enter your account password.

resetting my account password

8.Click or tap “Temporarily Disable Account.”

temporary insta account

According to Instagram’s policies, you can only disable your Instagram account once per week.

How Long Until Instagram Deletes Your Account?

If you follow the steps outlined above, your Instagram account will be deleted immediately. Unlike Facebook, which disables your account for two weeks before queueing it for deletion, which can take up to 90 days, this method disables your account for two weeks before queuing it for deletion, which can take up to 90 days (104 days total). When it comes to deleting Instagram, you don’t have the same cushion, so be certain of your decision.

The answer to the question of how long it takes Instagram to delete inactive accounts or accounts reported for spam/botting is a little less certain. Instagram deletes completely inactive accounts and accounts that are detected as bots through their system on a regular basis. Except for Instagram, no one knows how frequently this occurs or what the criteria for deletion are.


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