Un-Archiving Instagram posts: How to do it

Have you ever archived or removed posts from Instagram and aren’t sure how to restore them? You can unarchive your Instagram post you “saved” in the archived folder in four simple steps.

How To Unarchive Instagram Photos In 4 Easy Steps

How can you make your archived posts appear again in your Instagram profile feed? Let’s start by opening the Instagram account that contains the posts you want to unarchive.

1. Go to your profile

Tap on the creator button in the lower right corner, where you usually see your feed. In the upper right corner of your feed, click on the three horizontal lines.

2. Tap Archive

As long as you did not delete them, this section contains all previously published files that have been removed from your Instagram feed: stories, posts, and lives.

Unarchiving Instagram posts: How to do it

3. Click on Posts

Here, you will see all of the posts you have published and decided to archive, whether they are images, videos, or carousels.

4. Choose the Image you want to unarchive

What content are you going to repost in your feed? Click on it and then click the three dots in the upper right corner.

Then click on ‘Show on profile’.

Choose the publication you want to unarchive

After clicking this option, return to your profile to ensure that your post is back in your Instagram account’s feed.

How do I unarchive a post?

  • Removing a post from the archive list just means that it will be displayed again in your Instagram feed.
  • When you unarchive a post, it is re-published on its original published date. Previous likes and comments will also be displayed.
  • Users and followers who visit your profile can interact with this post again.
  • If you reshare this content in your feed, you can archive it at any time.