This clever way of marking your golf ball can improve your focus and your swing

Put dots on your golf ball.

Markings on golf balls are one of those things that catch our attention around here. To begin with the type of marking to use the colour of the sharpie when you should use your marking and whether markings should be legal.

Most golfers believe that the only way to mark your ball is with a line and if that doesn’t work they stop marking their balls altogether. One form of marking may benefit golfers more than anything else: A smattering of well-placed dots on your golf ball.

Why? Due to a concept known as “quiet-eye,” which shows better players have a closer focus on the golf ball than higher handicappers who stare at the ball from many different angles. When standing over the golf ball it is important to concentrate on one very precise spot on it which is why using a dot on your golf ball can help.

1. Put a dot on each side of the ball.

man showing dotted golf ball

Think of your golf ball as a dice. Place a dot on each of the six sides. This gives you many options but it also means that when your ball is on the fairway, you’ll almost certainly encounter a golf ball.

2. Near the tee, down and to the left.

marked golf ball

Nevertheless, while you’re on the tee Elliot has a terrific suggestion: place a dot down slightly towards the ground and on the left side of the tee so the dot is closer to you. By focusing on that exact location and pinpointing the dot you provide a subconscious cue to help you hit the ball.

3. Keep your eyes on the ball.

man hitting the golf ball

If you place the dot down and to the left off the tee you will tilt your upper body away from the ball which is a crucial setup element with your driver.