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The rest of the IPL 2021 will be held in the UAE in September and October according to BCCI

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The remaining IPL 2021 will be played in the UAE in September and October. The BCCI decided in a special general body meeting that was held virtually on Saturday. The BCCI has also opted to “request an extension” from the ICC “to make a suitable decision” on hosting the men’s T20 World Cup, which was initially scheduled for mid-October to November 14.

The BCCI has a task to the start date of the IPL for September 20, according to Popnblog, after narrowing down a window between September 18 and October 12 in recent board discussions.

The BCCI claimed in a statement on Saturday that the decision to move the IPL to the UAE, which was postponed in early May at the midway point, was made due to the “monsoon season in India,” which runs from June to early October. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) stated on Saturday that the remaining matches of the Indian Premier League 2021 season would be played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to the monsoon season in India in September and October this year, according to the BCCI.

In the restricted timeframe for the rest of the IPL, the BCCI has several challenges. First and foremost, India’s five-match Test series in England will conclude on September 14 in Manchester. Within a week, England will go to Bangladesh, followed by Pakistan, for a white-ball series that will go until October. The IPL has more than a dozen of England’s best white-ball players, causing concern among several teams about their availability.

The CPL, which confirmed on Friday when announcing the player’s selection that the 2021 season will be placed between August 28 and September 19, is the other major challenge. The CPL features several elite Caribbean players as well as many other big-name international players and coaching personnel.

While the BCCI has started a conversation with the CPL to convince them to modify their timetable, which would allow players to hurry between the bubbles in St Kitts (the CPL location) and the UAE, it will not be simple. Progression in the CPL is unlikely because the West Indies’ home season, which includes series against South Africa, Australia, and Pakistan, concludes on August 24, only four days before the CPL begins. The BCCI is optimistic that if the CPL can finish even a few days early than the current deadline of September 19, the IPL would be completed in time for the leading T20 World Cup leg.

There were 31 matches still to be played when the IPL was postponed, including the four playoffs. There were serious questions about India hosting the second half of the IPL when it was still in the midst of the second wave of Covid-19. When Hussey returned to Australia, he expressed doubts about the T20 World Cup being staged in India.

The IPL will be held in the United Arab Emirates for the second year in a row. The entire competition was split between Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah in 2020, according to the BCCI. After the BCCI finalizes the dates for IPL, which remains its most enormous task now that the September-October window has been declared, those three stadiums are expected to host once again.

Time Running Out For Decision On T20 World Cup

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has also said that the timeframe for the T20 World Cup, which is expected to take place between October 16 and November 14, cannot be adjusted. The ICC would also like the BCCI to decide if the 16-team T20 World Cup, which was previously postponed last year, can be held in India or whether it should be shifted to the UAE, which was nominated as a backup location.

The SGM “authorized the Office Bearers to request an extension of time from the ICC to make a proper decision” on hosting the T20 World Cup, according to the BCCI. The problem is one of the main topics on the ICC Board meeting’s agenda, which BCCI president Sourav Ganguly is slated to attend.



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