If you know how to write, we have some great news for you. Popnblog now offers regular and aspiring authors the chance to become popnblog guest bloggers. If you have an interest in subjects like technology, WordPress themes, plug-ins, digital marketing, domain & hosting, Entertaining stories, saas, technology etc. Working with us will also be advantageous for you. If you wonder what the guest blog is and what’s there for you? Take a peek at the detailed debate here:

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What is a Blog for Guests?

If you publish your blog on another website, that specific article is referred to as the guest blog. Guest blogging takes place on a particular subject approved by both parties. Guest blogging is done to exploit connections with other producers of content. The primary aim of guest blogging is to promote cooperation. Web sites sometimes offer bloggers the opportunity to participate in their site, while bloggers proactively search for web sites where their blogs may be posted as a guest. In addition, guest blogging has numerous technical causes and advantages. We are going to throw light on the following:

Traffic targeted

There is always win-win for both from guest posting. You receive targeted traffic from the blogs you post from your guest blog. Your website is relevant to a frequent visitor to that website. So the quantity of targeted visitors on your website will steadily grow. It will give your website a long-term worth. This is why contributing to the blogs of famous websites is important.

Backlinks of high authority

As you keep publishing your blog on various websites, your connection profile will progressively be created. After having contributed to numerous excellent websites, additional links to your website will be created. So if you want higher-ranking backlinks to your website, guest blogging is one of the established methods to do it. And if you write for us, we’ll offer you a do-follow link that’s going to help your page SEO in the long term.

Good product portfolio

As a guest blogger, contributing to several websites favourably reflects your portfolio. When you publish your writing on a number of websites, it increases your reputation and makes you a renowned person in the field. You may contribute to various websites that have a comparable reading base and progressively increase the quality of your portfolio in order to build a strong portfolio.

Why do you write to us?

We work closely with goods connected to entertainment and technology . Our team is the brains behind one of the technology’s most popular subjects. Our trademark theme Saasland was a top seller in the area of technology. Saasland is a reactive WordPress theme for saas, software and startups. We have many more topics with various characteristics and quality around. Content on topics such as technologies, WordPress themes, plugins, digital marketing, domain & hosting, Entertaining stories, saas and more is published regularly. If you would want to write on any of these subjects, contact us.

What are you going to get from us?

You may contact us through email for relevant subjects.

We’ll let you add a do-follow link to the blog.

If your writing is excellent, you will soon be able to become a regular guest writer.

What must you do?

Themes like WordPress, plugins, digital marketing, domain & hosting, entertainment, saas, technology and more are encouraged to write.

Please do not include games, gaming, movies, pornographic material and alcohol content.

Write an entirely plagiaristic blog with around 1,000 words.

You must also submit a featured picture to your blog (1200 x 675 px).

You may also submit additional pictures if you wish to include them.

You must verify that the feature picture and associated photos are free of copyright.

Use the following format to create “[Guest Post] Your Blog Title” This will also indicate that you have fully read our guidelines.

If you wish to write to us, please contact us via e-mail at popnblog1@gmail.com


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